With influences of jazz, pop, and rhythms of the Brazilian popular culture like frevo, maracatu and baião, Silibrina presents in their performances unreleased compositions showing through instrumental music the brasilidade brought by the musicians that make up the band. Piano, bass, guitar and metals join percussion instruments always present in Brazilian popular music like caracaxá, ganzá, timbal, alfaia, gonguê and tambourine. The result takes the public to a new reading of musical possibilities that comes to the ears in an elegant and, at the same time, electrifying way.

With performances in Latin America, the United States, Canada and Europe, the Brazilian instrumental music band Silibrina, led by the pianist Gabriel Nóbrega, carries two albums in their bag: O Raio (2017) and Estandarte (2019).

Besides playing the piano, Gabriel Nóbrega signs the compositions and arrangements of the septet and is accompanied by Ricardinho Paraíso (bass), Jabes Felipe (drums), Matheus Prado (percussion), Wagner Barbosa (saxophone), Reynaldo Izeppi (trumpet) and Gileno Foinquinos (guitar), artists with varied references coming from different regions of Brazil and extremely active in the music scene in São Paulo.