The Band

Brazilian instrumental music band created by Gabriel Nóbrega who, besides playing the piano, signs the compositions and arrangements of the septet. He is accompanied by Ricardinho Paraíso (bass), Jabes Felipe (drums), Matheus Prado (percussion), Wagner Barbosa (saxophone), Reynaldo Izeppi (trumpet) and Gileno Foinquinos (guitar), artists with varied references coming from different regions of Brazil and extremely active in the music scene in São Paulo.

The most recent album, Estandarte, follows up on the debut album, showing the group of seven instrumentalists even better oiled.


Meet all the musicians in the band:

Gabriel Nóbrega

Been around playing since he was 11. As a child, he began his career as a percussionist beside his father, the pernambucano Antônio Nóbrega. He is the one responsible for putting together the guys who are part of Silibrina and is also songwriter, arranger and keyboardist in the band.

Wagner Barbosa

He is our sax player, Planeta Sax blog owner, and has won the title of Brazilian saxophonist with an American jazz accent Wagner Barbosa (@wagnerbarbosa_sax) has already played with foreign personalities. Expert in the area, he’s launched a study method for the saxophone: “Sax and its mechanics, a new path for fingering”. He’s the guy who makes one of the most beautiful sounds here in Silibrina.

Gileno Foinquinos

Our guitar player, Gileno Foinquinos (@gilenofoinquinos), comes straight from Belém do Pará. Dedicated to study the music from the Brazilian Amazon, he’s been our musical director in Bienal Internacional de Música do Norte, and has played with great artists as Fafá de Belém, Lucinha Bastos, Sebastião Tapajós and Walter Proveta. With his funny and nice ways, he brings to Silibrina the power of the north with his guitars.

Matheus Prado

He plays all kinds of percussion to make Silibrina very Brazilian. Percussionist, Matheus Prado (@matheus_cprado) dedicates to teaching his practice and researching music from Brazil and Latin America, besides playing with great names as Chico César, Elza Soares, Barbatuques and Arthur Verocai. Now, he plays all this and much more here in Silibrina.

Jabes Felipe

Our drummer, Jabes Felipe, practices hard every day to play better and better. He’s been with great personalities in Brazilian instrumental music. With 15-year experience, he’s been beside great personalities as Itamar Collaço, François de Lima, Tiago do Espírito Santo, Paulo Calasans, Daniel Alcântara, Thiago Alves, Gabriel Gaiardo, João Cristal and others. Part of the Trio Itamar Collaço, François de Lima Quartet, he was the founder of Jabes Felipe Group and he is also a researcher in the project “Som: Ritmos do Brasil”. Now he is with us, of course!

Ricardinho Paraíso

Ricardinho Paraíso is a multi-artist, columnist in BassPlayer magazine and has already recorded soundtracks for soup operas. Creator of online institute “Técnicas incríveis”, Ricardinho has students all over the world. Sponsored by international trademarks: Aguilar, Dr Strings, Gruvgear and Mayones Basses, he is the bass crackerjack in Silibrina.

Reynaldo Izeppi

The last guy to come to the band, our great trumpeter, Reynaldo Izeppi (@reynaldoizeppi). He comes from Descalvado city, in the country side of São Paulo state, and has been a musician since he was 13, starting his studies in classical music. Only 4 years later, he became part of the great orchestra Tom Jobim and that made it for him. Besides playing with great names as Carlos Lyra, Marcos Valle, Hermeto Pascoal and Big Band, he is part of our Silibrina.